Today 90% of parcel and pallets are delivered in diesel vans & trucks

It’s about changing the transportation model – because the current last mile model doesn’t work, even if it’s goes electric

Citylogistik offers electric delivery in cities


Games, Aarhus/Copenhagen

"Before, we were always on standby, because we did not know when the different carriers arrived. Now we know that Citylogistik arrives every day at 11am, and we know the extent of the delivery, thus the rest of the day can be scheduled."

Thor Bentel, Owner, Games, Copenhagen

Hårrødderne, Kolding

"Citylogistik works really well for us. We now get packages once a week and can plan our day and number of staff after that. Before there could be 3-4 different carriers with packages on the same day, and there is not much room on the street outside the salon. If everyone used Citylogistik, it would reduce the noise, smell and also traffic chaos. I hope others discover this amazing idea."

Jette Højsager, Owner, Hårrødderne, Kolding