20 Years of history

City Logistic was founded after a preliminary research in the municipality of Copenhagen and a full scale project in Copenhagen. City Logistic was among the first companies in the world to handle city logistics and to operate an electic fleet.

We handle the last mile city logistic for stores, companies, municipalities and couriers in Denmark

Current partners


Group management

Peter Bardenfleth


Peter comes from 10 years of senior executive management at Tesla with direct reporting to Mr Tesla himself, Elon Musk. Peter is widely considered one of the most multi-skilled C-level executives within the EV sector and was at responsible for building the sales organisation in EMEA plus Japan. Peter left Tesla during 2019 and now has multiple roles within electrification including Viggo, Volta Trucks, Zaptec, Fenris Motorcycles and StreetScooter. At City Logistic, Peter is CoB and seed investor.

Torben Degn


Torben Degn has a lifelong career within banking and has had roles as CIO, CFO and before that, various roles as analyst. Torben has a deep knowledge of both equity and debt markets and understands both the complex world of financial engineering and the regulatory framework. Torben holds a Masters Degree in Finance and Accounting.

Torben is accompanied by Keepers to whom the economy function has been outsourced.

Casper Svensson

Founder, Visionary Lead

Casper Svensson fostered the ideas behind City Logistic almost 20 years ago and has worked relentlessly finding optimal ways to solve the complicated logistic challenges. Casper was ahead of his time; he was first mover presenting his ideas to the municipalities, he has gathered data and wanted the end-users to have access to it before we had the smartphone. Casper has looked at many solutions ’s – and his ideas grew with the recent technological advances within both EV trucks and IT.


Casper will work closely with group management on the European roll-out.

Nicolaj Boysen

Group COO

Nicolaj Boysen joins City Logistic September 2021 from a role as Chief Supply Chain Officer at COOP Denmark. At COOP, Nicolaj had the responsibility of all in- and outbound freight for all commodities - across the group. COOP is the largest retailer in Denmark measured on various metrics with +1000 stores. Nicolaj was also part of the management team at COOP and ran various projects across the group.

At City Logistic, Nicolaj is Group COO and Project Manager for B2C

Country management

Jesper Amsinck

Country Manager Denmark

Jesper has a solid background from retail logistics in Denmark. Prior to his 12 years as head of logistics at Matas, Jesper worked 17 years in similar roles across Dansk Supermarked, the leading retail supermarket in Denmark. Jesper has worked more than 3 years at City Logistic as head of operations and in May 2021 took seat as Country Manager in Denmark.