About Citylogistik

Citylogistik is a receiver-oriented solution

Typical transport solution today

Many deliveries from different suppliers

Citylogistik last mile solution

Single delivery coordinated and handled by one supplier

Citylogistik offers:

  • A total delivery to your address at the agreed day and time, regardless of how many suppliers you have
  • Pick up your outbound shipments, parcels and mail at the agreed time
  • Pick up and handle your reusable packaging and package material
  • External warehousing and storage of your goods which can picked and delivered as needed

Benefits of using Citylogistik:

  • Saved time and cost when all deliveries arrive on a timely basis
  • Cheaper shipping prices on purchases of goods and products when suppliers no longer have to deliver to your address in the city center
  • Saved internal time handling outbound shipments when picked up directly at your address
  • Saved package shipping costs by using Citylogistik freight agreements
  • More space for customers in the store when warehousing and surplus products are stored at Citylogistik
  • Goods stored at Citylogistik’s warehouse are available on the Citylogistik app and can be delivered when you need them
  • Environmentally friendly packaging and packaging materials ensure that everything is recycled as far as possible
  • Fewer vans in the city center provide better urban environment and more space for customers

Casper Svensson

Phone: +45 40853141
E-mail: casper@citylogistik.dk



Jesper Amsinck

Phone: +45 22210641
E-mail: Jesper@citylogistik.dk


Lars Olsen

Phone: +45 24281500
E-mail: lbo@citylogistik.dk